Artist at large

Artist at large

16. 10. 2015

Over the past five years, Ai Weiwei has been featured in a hundred exhibitions all over the world. However, the one at Royal Academy in London is the first to be opened by the Chinese artist himself. Balancing between art and politics, Weiwei portrays the life of an activist both through his installations and on social media.

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New-generation animators

New-generation animators

8. 1. 2016

With the success of Pixar came an avalanche of computer-generated animation but not all animators are following the hi-tech pack. Monocle Films travels to the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and southern England in search of storytellers who think outside the computer box.

Night mayors

Night mayors

12. 7. 2016

We pull up a bar stool in Amsterdam at the inaugural Night Mayor Summit to hear from pioneering night watchmen and urban provocateurs in cities around the world.

Leipzig's artist studios

Leipzig’s artist studios

7. 7. 2016

Dubbed the new Berlin, Leipzig is home to an increasing number of galleries and project spaces – but the city still has lots of space for inexpensive artists’ ateliers.

A Stitch in Time

A stitch in time

11. 7. 2015

During the Lebanese civil war in the 70s and 80s, photographs of birthdays and parties taken by Beirut-born artist Raed Yassin’s family were lost in the upheaval. He decided to preserve memories of his childhood by stitching them into silk cloths with elaborate patterns.

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Fully functional

21. 7. 2016

The Czech Republic’s second city was central to European design before falling into a troubled 20th-century sleep. Revival came thanks to research investment but Brno's future may lie in its design heritage.

Theatre Restart

Theatre restart

1. 8. 2014

Once a deeply industrial city of Ústí nad Labem has risen for a cultural revival. Following a long dispute over funding between a local theatre and the council, key personalities of the creative community started enlivening a run-down cinema. Due to a long-term deprivation of culture, many volunteers have participated on the reconstruction hoping to build an independent creative hub.

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Vienna ateliers

Making it in the city

23. 5. 2016

Vienna provided the perfect backdrop for the 2016 Monocle Quality of Life Conference session. Monocle Films paid a visit to six of our favourite ateliers to discover that you can create jobs and wealth with downtown workshops – and the sound of the odd hammer.

thumb for Kupka Trapped

Kupka trapped

25. 3. 2014

The most expensive painting of Czech auctions must not cross the border to reach its new owner. The Department of Culture decided that the abstract work of art by František Kupka sold for 55.5 million crowns will remain a part of national cultural heritage. However, the state has not taken the opportunity to buy the precious tableau. Experts call for a revision of the laws, which enable the officials to arbitrarily block valuable objects within the state’s territory.

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thumb for Tim’s Spiral

Tim’s spiral

27. 3. 2014

Tim Burton started lifting the Hollywood haze surrounding his persona with his MoMA retrospective in 2009. Five years later, he launched another touring show in Prague directing his fans towards his inner artistic journey. The venue itself serves as a statement about his favourite artists Karel Zeman, Jiří Trnka or Jan Švankmajer and the showpieces are presented in traditionally hand-blown Czech glass bulbs.

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Dizzying Rides

Dizzying rides

18. 7. 2015

Since the 1970s, American photographer Roger Vail has captured carnival rides with long-exposure photography, using a vintage view camera with no flash or manipulation. In summer, the artist followed the fairs moving around California to get different angles of the attractions.

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Vienna travel guide

Vienna travel guide

15. 4. 2016

Vienna is a city that bridges Eastern and Western Europe with panache. It has long been the melting pot of Europe so it’s easy to feel at home here – especially with our fully illustrated, 148-page hardback book as your guide.