Tate | Sammy Baloji

“The white cube is not a neutral zone, it’s a political one. So it’s important to reveal those stories.” Filming with Sammy Baloji for Tate was one of my favourite assignments ever and his wise words have stayed with me. Have a watch to find out about this fantastic artist.

Director: Helena Kardová
Producer: Scott Morris
Director of photography: Lieven Bulckens
Additional camera: Luciana Riso, George Graham, Helena Kardová
Sound recordist: Vincent Struelens
Offline editor: Giada Ghiringhelli
Online editor: Mena Kamel
Colourist: Nigel Tadyanehondo
Sound editor: Brigitte Hart

All artwork © Sammy Baloji; Courtesy of the artist, Twenty Nine Studio and Galerie Imane Farès

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